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I am Frigga. wife of Odin, Mother of Thor, Loki, and Baldr.

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A Son and Mother Reunited // Loki and Frigga // Closed RP 


“Yes, Mother, I promise I will be honest with you. I always have been in the past, and now I shall do so again. I just want to be my old self again, able to speak my mind truthfully. I know that with you, I will be able to,” Loki answered, as he smiled warmly at his Mother and nodded his head at her helpful words of knowledge. He loved her so much, because she always told him to just be himself and speak his mind, and never once silenced him.

“I will say that right now, at this very moment, I feel happy, overjoyed is the words. That is because we are together again, and that always made me feel joyful,” he told her, as he rubbed his rumbling stomach, and blushed at her words, especially when she smiled at him, for he knew she had heard the hungry noise it had made.

“I think I shall be all right with what I am wearing, these are my casual Asgardian leathers. Perhaps when it is a huge banquet with all in attendance, I will wear my formals, but for just us, and a few others, this is all right, Mother,” Loki intoned, as he walked beside her down the corridor toward the banquet hall. He hoped there would not be too many people there, as he just wanted to be relax and enjoy more time with his Mother. They were both still healing from their injuries, and they needed as much calm as they could get.

She smiled as he spoke, walking down the hall to the dining hall. He was being open and honest with her, saying what he wanted, how he was feeling. She wondered if he could go back to his old self. With everything that he had been through it would be very hard. He was changed by the events. 

He was still Loki, her son. But he was not going to be the same he was a few years ago. Just as she was not the same woman she was a few years ago. Events come and go and they leave lasting impressions on personalities. But the change in his person would not changer her motherly feelings for him. Loki was her son, he would always be her son. And no matter what he was going though she would be there for him. 

"I am glad that you are feeling so positive." She smiled giving his hand a gentle squeeze. "And I am glad that I can be a factor in such emotions. I wish to see you happy, no matter what." 

Even though she had the concerns about how his past over the past few years would affect him, she could not contain the joy she had that he was home again. He was safe. He was here, and she could protect him, spend time with him. Grow back the mother and son relationship they had before. 

"Then casual clothing it is." She smiled as they reached the dining hall. Opening the massive door they entered to food on the table only a few servants in the room, some eating on their break, and the rest making sure all the proper food was there. 

Loki looks up at him, at Thor, at all that beauty and perfection, those golden shoulders, and says, I would do it again …

Blood Brothers - Synopsis


Some of my favorite ladies!

nightmare (Loki/ Frigga) 



"You shan’t loose me." She spoke  looking to the side before projecting herself inside the walls. The guards did not know she was there to begin with at least now she could comfort him some more. "I promise loki you will not loose me."

Loki nods. “I’m glad that the guards are not here. I’m glad that you are here. Your voice are so comforting, so soft. I regret killing. I had no control. Something was controlling me.”

"I know." Frigga spoke keeping her hand on the glass. "I know you were being controlled. And I swear to you I have been working on a way to free you, both from this cell and the tittan who has control."

letthefrostbite said:  Loki was distressed, "I think I might be pregnant."





Frigga blinked. “Aye…. Have you tested yourself…. Who, who is the father?”

Loki nodded, “I have…” Loki was in no condition to carry a child, he was still struggling just to eat. “It’s…it’s Fandral. We were drunk, very drunk.”

She nodded. “Have you thought about what you are going to do? Keep the child. You will need assistance either way.”

"I…I want to keep it, but I know Fandral does not wish me too."

"If you want to keep it, then we will come up with a plan. I will help you."

A Son and Mother Reunited // Loki and Frigga // Closed RP 


“I am sorry, Mother. I do not mean to repeat myself, and to be so negative. I will not be this way anymore, I promise. I am just happy we are together again, and I am home with you, and Thor, and even Father,” Loki answered, and keened when she continued to stroke his hair to keep him calm. Which it did, as he finally relaxed a lot more, and felt so comfortable there in her arms.

He loved how she always made him feel happy and calm, even when he was a Princeling, he would come to her for comfort, and she would soothe him and hold him in her arms, then kiss away his tears. Just as she was doing now. She never stopped loving him, and that made him very happy.

Loki grinned and blushed when his own stomach grumbled hungrily, as he heard his Mother’s do the same, just in time for Cajolus to retrieve them. He sighed when he realised he would have to move from their comfortable spot in the garden, but he was famished now, and he knew his Mother was too, so he stood up with her. “Yes, of course, Mother. That sounds a marvelous idea. I cannot wait to swim in the river later,” he told her, as he held out his arm for his Mother to take, so they could walk back inside the palace and to the banquet hall to eat dinner.

"I want you to be honest with me." the queen spoke as she slowly stood to her feet. "I want you to tell me how you feel, positive or negative. I know that there are times we need to make up for, mindsets we need to work through, together. if you feel negative, tell me. If you feel happy tell me." That is what would help them heal, communication. 

She smiled hearing his stomach growl ready for the feast that was waiting them and she took his hand, leading him to the meal hall. “Are you comfortable with dining in common clothing or do you desire to change into the meal outfits?” There were no guest tonight so it did not mater really, but it was better to know what her son desired to do.

Starter Sentences: Bleak Edition 

  •  "I'll kill you if you touch him/her/them again."
  •  "If I can't have you, no one can."
  •  "Any last words?"
  •  "I want to hear you beg for your life."
  •  "I hope you drown in your own blood!"
  •  "I'm going to fucking tear you apart."
  •  "How could you betray me like this?"
  •  "You're right, I am mad - as a hatter."
  •  "You've lost your mind!"
  •  "I can't lose you again!"
  •  "You sly dog, you caught me monologuing!"
  •  "You're too late to save him/her/them."
  •  "Curl up and die."
  •  "I'm going to beat the shit out of you."
  •  "I can't believe you would do this to me!"
  •  "I trusted you, and you let me down."
  •  "If you tell anyone about this, I'll kill you."
  •  "This is it, the perfect crime."
  •  "What if I told you that I never loved you?"
  •  "Kill me. Just do it already."
  •  "You have a knife? Well, I have a gun."
  •  "Go ahead, hit me. I dare you."
  •  "There's nothing you can do for him/her/them now."
  •  "You're dead to me."
  •  "If you don't obey me, I'm going to kill him/her/them."
  •  "Spare my life, and I'll be your slave."
  •  "I'm begging you, stop this right now."
  •  "I can't breathe..."
  •  "Stop it, you're hurting me!"
  •  "Please don't do this..."
  •  "I thought you loved me..."
  •  "Who's it going to be? Me or him/her/them?"
  •  "I'd rather die than let you hurt him/her/them!"
  •  "I'd take a bullet for you, but you wouldn't do the same for me."
  •  "Killing you is the only option!"
  •  "Why would you do something like that?!"
  •  "It's all over now!"
  •  "No, I won't take this from you anymore."
  •  "It's so dark and cold..."
  •  "I don't feel a thing."
  •  "Oh my God, there's so much blood!"
  •  "This isn't brave, it's murder!"
  •  "Don't kill me, please, I'm begging you."
  •  "Please don't jump."
  •  "Did you do this to yourself?"
  •  "You're hurt..."
  •  "How did you get these scars?"
  •  "Let's make a deal. Your life for his/her/their life."
  •  "Sacrifices must be made."
  •  "I can't take this anymore!"
  •  "You can't run from your problems like this..."
  •  "Don't hurt him/her/them!"
  •  "I won't let you do this to yourself."
  •  "Next time you gamble, bet your own life."
  •  "I thought I killed you!"
  •  "He/she/they can't save you now."
  •  "What will it take to break you?"
  •  "Go ahead. Make my day."
  •  "I can see your light beginning to fade."
  •  "I'm going to make you watch him/her/them die."
  •  "You're going to pay for making me cry."
  •  "I can't wait to slit your throat."
  •  "You're too weak to fight me now."
  •  "I'll kill you, one way or another."
  •  "Death is in the cards tonight."
  •  "You're going to die slowly and painfully."
  •  "Be mine or you will burn."
  •  "I can't believe you actually fell for that!"
  •  "You thought I loved you? I lied to you."
  •  "I had to get close to you so I could kill you."
  •  "I've had it with your shit!"
  •  "Go ahead, beg all you want, I'm still going to kill you."
  •  "I'm going to dump your body in the river."
  •  "With friends like me, who needs enemies?"
  •  "I'm going to make you suffer."
  •  "He/she/they never loved you."
  •  "I could knock you out with one punch."
  •  "I am the devil incarnate."
  •  "Fuck you, go die."
  •  "I wish I didn't have to kill you."
  •  "I've always hated you."
  •  "You're never going to beat me."
  •  "Crazy? You think I'm crazy?"
  •  "I am your nemesis!"
  •  "Do you really want to hurt me?"
  •  "That really hurt!"
  •  "I want you see you writhing in pain."
  •  "He/she/they is/are dead! There's nothing you can do!"
  •  "I'll see you in Hell."
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  • Jack the Ripper:  Muse has been attacked by something that obviously has no sense of mercy. They are beaten, bloody, and left for dead someplace abandoned. Lasts until someone comes to the rescue... Or finishes the job.
  • Darkness:  Muse is blind for 24 hours.
  • Spirit Animal:  Muse is turned into an animal (Anon decides what) for 12 hours.
  • Flustered:  When Muse sees, (anon chooses), Muse will stutter, blush, and act like a complete klutz around the so called individual, for 3 hours.
  • Fear:  Anon gets to name something, and muse will have an extremely debilitating phobia of it for one week. Bonus points if it’s something ridiculous.
  • Memories:  Muse has amnesia. (Anon decides duration)
  • Jealousy:  Muse will be jealous, of (anon chooses) for a certain amount of time. Anon chooses, for what reason Muse is jealous. Also for how long.
  • Injury:  Muse will be injured somehow (anon decides severity and injury) for ____
  • Gemini:  Muse will split into two different versions of themself for ___
  • Answer:  Muse will have to answer anything that is asked of him/her truthfully, lasts 4 hours
  • Noise:  Muse will say everything they think, lasts for a day
  • Angel:  Muse is and angel for ___
  • Demon:  Muse is a demon for ___
  • Possession:  Muse is possessed by a demon for ___
  • Blood:  Your thirst for blood is insatiable. No, you aren't some vampire with convenient sharp teeth. You gotta find blood to eat or you'll starve; all other food and drink make you promptly vomit.
  • The Mirror:  You become split into two versions of yourself -- your good and your evil, for ___.
  • Brainwashed:  You will be brainwashed by the next person to say your name. Lasts for _____.
  • I'm Dying:  I'm sorry... (Anon decides of what and how long you have)
  • Artificial Heart:  The muse no longer feels emotions- no pain, no anger, no rage. They simply become an apathetic shell. Can be broken early if something strong enough manages to break their "emotional inhibitor."
  • Frozen to the Core:  Muse becomes extremely cold natured and seeks any form of warmth.
  • Say You'll Haunt Me:  Muse is a ghost, whom can only be seen if they want to be. Lasts 10 posts
  • (Note:  none of these are mine, but are simply some of my favorites)
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