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I am Frigga. wife of Odin, Mother of Thor, Loki, and Baldr.

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"And I have missed you, mother." Loki replies, his voice rough with exhaustion poorly hidden. He brought back his masculine form, a faint smile on those thin, chapped lips of his, but it’s not a pleasant smile. It’s one of someone trying to swallow their pride and merely making a lump in their throat.

"I need your help, mother. I… I have recently run into enemies who were not kind to me and I can’t even hope to fix the damage they did alone. I’m no healer."

Loki’s eyes were hidden from Frigga’s view before, but he finally lets the patchworks of scars and the milky white irises into her view, the sight of a ruined face Loki’s glad he’s no longer capable of seeing.

"Loki." She whispered walking forward and gently touching his face cupping it in her hands. "You are blind." Clearly Loki knew that, it was more to have it said out loud for herself. 

"There is great damage, I can do much in healing but I am not sure if I can bring everything back." Frigga spoke and gently pressed a kiss to his forehead, letting off a spell that would help with any pain that he was feeling. 

"Do you wish to keep this to our selves and not with a healer?" She would understand his answer and she would honor it. 

A Son and Mother Reunited // Loki and Frigga // Closed RP 


“I am sorry, Mother. I never wanted to upset Father, and make him move away from me. I know that I am the reason he is the way that he is. I did and said some horrible things, and I just want him, and you, to know, that I do love him, very much,” Loki spoke seriously, as tears filled his eyes.

He never meant to hurt his father, or his mother, or Thor, or anyone, he was just so upset when he found out what he was. He hated that about himself, and that was why  he used a potion to keep that side of himself away. He had made himself more Asgardian, and would never go back to that other side of himself.

“Do you think Father would join us, I mean, the entire family, one day, if I asked him? I mean - I know he is still doing his best to forgive me, but if I go to him, and speak to him, and say how sorry I am, do you think he will come back to us?” Loki asked his Mother, as he reached out and grasped her hands in his. He had more tears in his eyes, for he just wanted all his family around him now he was home, now he was himself again, and no longer being controlled by that dark being.

“I do hope he does love me, for I really hurt him, and all of you, so horribly. Yes, Mother, I do indeed know how he is, and how he was when Thor and I were princelings, but I would hope he would come back to us,” he said to her, as he swallowed down his emotions, and wiped away his tears with his palms.

Loki knew how his mother loved his father, and how devoted she was to him, and how even though he did not say it, or show it, he still loved her very much. That he was most certain of, if not anything else, he knew they both loved each other more than anything in the Nine Realms, and that was how it should be.

“Yes, Mother, we shall do that now. For I think we both need to cheer each other up again, and just be happy for the rest of the evening,” Loki voiced, as he held her arm in his when they returned to the same garden they had rested together in that very morning.

He smiled as he stared out at the calm river, and nodded his head. He loved the sounds of the frogs and crickets singing their evening songs in perfect tune together, for that was just as calming as swimming in the river.

“I am glad it is calm on this night, we can just float inside and be relaxed. Shall we use our magic to change into our full body swim clothes, Mother,” he asked, as he gently removed his arm from hers, and waited for her to call up her own green glowing magic, so they could both change together.

Once they had gotten to the river she stopped them and turned Loki so that he was facing her. “Loki, you did not force you father into the distance that he has created. That was his doing when he made the deal. Wisdom for his eye. That is when he started pulling away.”

The queen nodded. “I think that if you ask him, eventually he will join. It may not be the first, the second of the third, but eventually he will say yes, and he will join us in our activities.” 

She took  her hands back from Loki’s and moved her hands to summon her magic and in a bright flash she was dressed into her swim clothing. “Shall we enter the water then?”

0tt0dix// Closed // By the Gods 


The year was 1912, Dix was finishing art school, and had arms filled with canvases, paints, a few brushes, and a cigarette firmly stuck between his teeth. He wasn’t properly looking where he was going, so when a women stepped in his path, he wasn’t too shocked.

However, he managed to lose his balance, dropping everything save the cigarette in his mouth to the ground. 

"Scheiße!" He cried, dropping to try and gathering everything as quickly as possible. Waving a dismissive hand before looking up at the woman in question he told her it was no big deal.

"It is fine, no need to fret. I am an idiot." He glanced up finally, frowning at the woman—she looked rather familiar.

"Posh, I was not looking where I was walking. I was taking in the sights around me." Frigga explained as she bent down to help pick up his supplies. Thankfully the pain did not open and everything was sealed the way it should be, air and collision tight. 

"I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard your name?" She spoke standing back up and offered the materials back to him. Mine is Frigga."

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ask-baby-loki said:  "Mama! Thor broke my toy!"





Bring the toy here and I will fix it, my son.

Loki nodded and did as he was told. He kept a steady hand on the horse and looked up at his mother. “Like this, mama?”

"Perfect." Frigga nodded and started to use her magic to stitch the stuffed toy back together. "Just like that little one."

"That is amazing!" the raven-haired boy squeaked, "can you teach me how to mend with magic, mama? Please?"

"Of course I can." She smiled and let go of the toy when she was done. "then you can fix your toys all my your self."

ask-baby-loki said:  "Mama! Mama!"





"Loki." The queen smiled scooping the child up. "How are you my child?"

"Nuh!" Loki wrinkled up his nose and made a face. "Wan’ mwilky!" he said, pointing at his empty bottle near the washing basin.

"Milk it is." She nodded and went to the bottle. "And here I was hoping that you would want something more healthy than milk." The queen chuckled and moved to fill the bottle.

Loki watched the queen with greedy eyes as she filled his bottle. “Mwilky yummy,” Loki protested, a tiny frown on his chubby face.

She passed him the filled bottle, letting him grow in holding it himself “Yes it is. And veggies are not?”

Found Baby // Momma Frigga Time! 

When the queen found the baby on the door step of the palace, there was a set rules of what she had to do. Find the parents, decided if the parents are a good fit, give it to one of the few foster homes for the child to be adopted. 

But there was something different about this little girl. There was something about her that made Frigga not want to give her up, this was after it was determined that the parents were not a good fit for the child for what ever reason the guards told her. 

So she made a decision, She would take the little girl in, raise her to be a princess. Something in her gut told her that is what needed to be done. She was the All Mother after all. 

"Here we go darling one." Frigga smiled and held the girl to her chest. "Kari. Little Kari"


This lab would go a lot faster if people read beforehand

Anonymous said:  *leaves a baby, wrapped in a blanket in a basket on the front steps of the palace.*

Frigga looked around to see if there was anyone there. The baby moved in the basket and Frigga picked the child up. “Hush little one.” She cooed gently rocking side to side.