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I am Frigga. wife of Odin, Mother of Thor, Loki, and Baldr.

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So my dad has this new idea: Take this wonderful wasabi thing


Turn it into beautiful, small rectangles, wrap it in laminated paper and put it in a trident box, so that it’ll look like this:


Give it to someone when they ask you for gum and watch as their mouth burns. Enjoy.


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Water-stained violin proven to be the one that played Nearer my God to Thee by Wallace Hartley as the Titanic sank is found. [x]

It is the instrument that he played as the ship went down in the Atlantic, and that he later used as a buoyancy aid once Titanic went down.

The violin was discovered only by chance when the son of an amateur musician found it in his attic. It was given to his mother by her violin teacher and was left gathering dust.

The discovery was almost too good to be true, prompting experts to have the relic forensically examined by some of the most revered scientific bodies in Britain.

Now, after seven years of testing at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds, the water-stained violin has been proven to be the one played by Hartley on the night of the tragedy.

These pictures show how incredibly well-preserved the rose wood violin is despite its age and it being exposed to the sea for 10 days after the sinking.

There are two long cracks on its body that are said to have been opened up by moisture damage.

The photos also show the corroded engraved silver plate screwed onto the base of the fiddle that provided scientists with they key proof of its authenticity.

The historic violin, said to be worth a six figure sum, will go on public display at the Belfast City Hall, where Titanic was built, at the end of March.

Negotiations are also under way to exhibit it in museums around the world including America. It is likely to be auctioned off in the future.

Titanic experts have described it as the most important artefact associated with the infamous liner to have come to light.


Loki version of Frozen(sequel to Frozen Sherlock)



*boss ass bitch plays in the distance*

frozen crew, we need to do something like this asap




   “If I don’t say so my self, you are quite the stunning.”

"You flatter me." She chuckled. "Pray tell how may I assist you."

son-of-fire-and-ice said:  'Grandmother, You'll support me no matter what right?'





"Of course I would." She spoke looking at him worried, "Are you attempting to do something?"

'I missed you Grandma.' Emrys mutters, breathing deep the queen's scent and feeling perfectly safe.

"And I you." She said holding on to him, letting him decide when the hug would end. Not that she was complaining. She was glad that she could be close to him. "You are welcome to come a visit me when ever you want."

'Tell that to Odin. Pretty sure he never wants me here ever.' Emrys sighed. 'It wasn't my fault…I didn't mean to kill them.'

"Do not take to heart Odin." Frigga said putting her hand under his chin getting Emrys to look at her. "I want you here, I want you around. I understand it is not your fault, so take me to heart and not my husband."



Frigga nodded with a gentle smile. “They did look for him did they not, and they found him for you. They need a thank you.” Turning him around she gave her son a gentle push up to the understanding guard.

        The finest mannerisms, t’was the initial objective that has been bestowed by Her Majesty. How could one have possibly forgotten all of this?  Small hands, wring together in utmost anticipation as the little princeunintentionally strangles the purple dragon with a squeeze of his forearm.

         With her guidance does he bravely approach the friendly guard that towers above his existence. Bestowing a low, respectful bow in everlasting gratitude before quickly skidding to his guardian’s side. 

                                                            “ Have I done good, Mother? 

She watched as Loki said his thanks to the guard, who was not expecting it. To him it was his duty, but the thanks made a smile cross his face. Something she was sure he young son did not see but she did and that was important. 

"That you did my son." She smiled stroking his hair. "He is very happy that you thanked him. you can see it on his face. It is not a good feeling to make someone happy with your actions?" She said smiling her self. 

A Son and Mother Reunited // Loki and Frigga // Closed RP 


“I am pleased to hear that, Mother. I was so worried for you,” Loki intoned, as he reached out with his own hand and grasped hers, keeping his long fingers entwined with her delicate fingers. He keened when she squeezed his hand in her comforting manner, and kept his eyes on her, not wanting to let her go.

Odin smiled warmly at his wife when she spoke and he shook his head at her question. “There was a small Bilgesnipe hiding in the tree where you and Loki were riding. Apparently, a few of my Einherjar, Thor, and his Warrior friends were tracking it, as it had caused some damage in the village,” he started to explain, as he gently held Frigga’s cheek with his hand and caressed her face, easing more of her pain with his own magic. “They must have scared it, and it climbed the tree to escape being captured. I think it was seeing your horses, the thing wanted to eat them. It was captured and killed, for it tried to attack all of them again. The horses are all right, they were not harmed in the scuffle, my dear wife.”

Loki sighed as he listened to Odin’s tale of the baby Bilgesnipe, and he had remembered hearing the loud roar from the thing as it flew down from the trees. He frowned over at his Mother as he squeezed her hand comfortingly, for he knew both of their horses were precious to them, his being Brimour, whom he had since he was a Princeling. He loved him very much, and was relieved to hear he was well.

He released his Mother’s hand when she sat up between him and Odin, then did the same, as he leaned on the pillows against the wall, where their beds were situation. “Be careful, Mother, I do not want you to overexert yourself,” he answered, but smiled warmly at her and shook his head at her words.

“My wife, you are always so brave and strong willed. Dentrius and Cajolus have informed me you and our son will be out of here by the end of this day, and can rest in your own chambers,” Odin countered, as he sat down on the chair between his wife and son.“Is there anything you wish to have, Frigga? I have brought some books here, for both of you to read, as I know you both enjoy reading.”

Frigga was a restless soul. She was one to always be on the move, the horse riding, the moving from one place to another, it was what kept her sane. So when she was told that she was confined to the healers room for the day and then her chambers she gave a huff. 

"Very well. Loki is safe, I am safe and the Horses are safe as well. It pleases me to know that no one was harmed from what happened that could not be healed by the healers." She looked at Loki and gave a gentle smile. 

"You were worried about me when I was worried about you, The blood that i saw, the stone in your side from the fall, i did everything I could, the last ounce of magic i could muster to help you. And I am glad that I did what I could." 

Her attention went back to her husband. “Aye, books will suffice.I need to catch up on my reading. Thank you dear husband.”



"it will take time, But I see that Asgard will be under better control…. Some day.” She emphisized see, her visions showed her a better Asgard, one where there was happiness. One where there was control. She did not know how she was going to play a part in it…. or if she was going to at all…. She just knew it was going to happen. 

"I asked because you seem very concerned that odin will come looking for me, you mentioned it a few times. Loki….." She paused and straightened her back. "If you feel there is any negativity of me being here, say so and I shall leave."

Some day… when the Allfather is dead.” he added, eagerly displaying a lack of caring within his harsh words. He was her husband, but he no longer felt remorse upon speaking ill of the oaf. “Asgard shall be better off when you remain its only ruler, I pray the foolish God of Thunder is banished to a barren realm sooner rather than later.”

Although his words were crueller, their conversation seemed much like those of his childhood, for he would badmouth the thunder god had he upset him. Frigga would be there to sooth his childlike rage, much as she is now. “I do suspect he’d seek you out, but I do not believe you nor his invasion pose a threat. If anyone is sent to return you to Asgard Odin would know better than to cause chaos in the process. They shall be safe, but perhaps not from the Allfather’s intrusion.”

"Loki." She said softly putting her hand out to touch his gently, lovingly. "Odin is far older than I. In the passage of the throne, when he passes t the next realm I will hold the crown. I can assure you that no one will hold that crown until I deem them ready.” She was strict when it came to somethings, loving in others and this showed were that line was. 

"And know that here or Asgard I will do anything to protect you those who abide by you. I promise you that."