Queen Of Asgard

I am Frigga. wife of Odin, Mother of Thor, Loki, and Baldr.

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The way he puffs up his lips makes me think of when a frog is croaking lol XD


The way he puffs up his lips makes me think of when a frog is croaking lol XD



"My heart broke when you fell." She whispered. "I could have given up everything, so that I would have not lost you. And for what he saw… he saw a broken heart. And that can be manipulated. 

"Odin did not accept me, he just shook his head." He remember exactly what he saw. "And you are correct, it is easy to manipulate."

"I will always accept you Loki, And I swear I would take you place if I had the chance to. I would do what ever it takes to make sure that you knew that happiness that you once did."

Impact: Fate Smiles Conspiratorially 



The queen nodded and gestured for him to walk past him. “I am going to that counseling meeting as well. would you like to walk together young on? Perhaps you need to walk and talk with someone to calm down for the moment.” 

At the mention of the queen going to the council herself, she looked up in- Well, he could only explain it as a mixture between both surprise and horror. The Queen was going to the council meeting? Oh dear, indeed. Then he certainly had every reason to be afraid.

But then the unexpected happened. She offered to walk with him to the council meeting. Fate smiled upon him.

He slowly stood up, watching the queen ever so carefully, just in case she changed her mind.  He needed to keep on the queen’s good side. Especially after discovering she would be attending the meeting. It would not serve him nor his blóð-skapari well if he were to create a bad impression. Nor would it do him good if he never got into the council in the first place. Yes, he needed to watch his every move.

He smiled, answering with a slight bow, clenched fist still over his heart, “It would be a great honor, my Queen.” He then rose to his full height and offered her his arm.

Frigga did not know much about what this meeting was about. Odin was going to go, but then they were advised that the queen should go. When asked why it was because she was ‘hard to anger but burns like wild fire.’ So with that in mind she was going to keep calm and not let anything bother her at the moment. 

Hooking her arm around his she offered a small smile and started walking to the council hall. “It shall be an interesting meeting I hear. Is it why you are so…. nervous?”

redeemedasgardian said:  "Don't you remember?"



Send “Don’t you remember?” for my muse’s reaction to waking up in hospital with no memory of your muse, themselves or their life

There was flashes of something playing in her minds eye. Flashes of black space with the light of the stars. Flashes of a golden room, flashes of sound that was someone banging on the door. Was the next thing she saw a fight?… 

Pain… lots of pain was next and then nothing. 

"Im…. im sorry." She whispered. "I do not know what to make of what I do remember… please help me?"

"I will help you remember, mother." He closed his eyes, a tear falling down his pale cheek. "Yes, I am your son." He wouldn’t elaborate. He didn’t want to say that he was her adoptive son because she was more than just a foster mother to him. She was his mother. He wanted her to remember so badly. frigga-wife-of-odin

She could see it, the pain in his eyes and it made her heart hurt. Something happened to make her forget and it clearly was the worst thing that could happen. She gently touched his face with her finger tips before cupping his cheeks. “You are my son…. And I will do everything I can to remember. I am sorry that this happened to me. My heart hurts to see you in such pain.” 


loki-dark-god-of-lies said:  "Don't you remember?"



Send “Don’t you remember?” for my muse’s reaction to waking up in hospital with no memory of your muse, themselves or their life

Frigga pinched the bridge of her nose. Gods she wanted to remember, remember anything. Who she was, where she was, why she was in a healers chambers and why the person at the foot of her bed looked so sad that she did know. 

That is what hurt more, the look on his face as she had to admit that she did not know. For what ever reason tears flowed down her face as she shook her head.

“No… I am so sorry… I don’t remember anything.”

"It is mother i had the cooks make this for you." loki said  from where he sat opposite from her  and one down from thor and jane. 

"Yes , i remember we made this for mother for the midgardin’s day of mothers. " thor smiled at loki then to his mother. 

"yes and you both made a mess of the kitchen that year. sence then you two have been band from setting foot in there to make anything. " odin added with a small laugh remembering how simple thing had been with the boys were younger . 

The queen smiled and gently touched the silver plate that held the savory smelling food. “How ever that did not stop you for a few days later you had taken siege of the kitchen again and made me cookies for my birthday.” Was she remembering something? or was she just making this up. 

She looked up to the group at the table waiting to see what would happen, if she was going crazy or if she was really remembering something. 

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"My apologies, mother. I was cursed. Even so, I do love you."


She chuckled and gave a small nod. “I understand that well, and aye, I love you as well my son.”

ask-baby-loki said:  "Mama! Thor broke my toy!"



Bring the toy here and I will fix it, my son.

Loki brought the broken eight-legged horse over to his mother and sighed. “He’s broken..”

"He is." She spoke gently taking the toy, "I can  fix him. Would you like me too my son?"

ask-baby-loki said:  "Mama! Mama!"



"Loki." The queen smiled scooping the child up. "How are you my child?"

"Goo’!" Loki smiled, wrapping his arms around her neck.

She chuckled and kissed his cheeks. “Good, Are you hungry my child?”

A Son and Mother Reunited // Loki and Frigga // Closed RP 



Frigga smiled at him. The pain was there when he reflected on it, but there was also the memory of happy times. She hated having to bring up what happened to him. But it was something that they had to work through in time. 

"You were always a happy child. she smile that you had, and still do have would always warm my heart. So see you with such joy would make my soul burst in it. I always admired how you had your heart on your sleeve. you felt your emotions so honestly, so deeply…. I always knew that you were honest about those things." 

She felt bad for saying “Honest about those things” but Loki was the god of Lies. But that never stopped the queen from knowing when Loki was lying and when he was not. She had a trained eye for it…. A mother’s eye. 

“Yes, I remember how happy I was when I child, even a boy, and a teen, for you always were there with me. You made me happy, and smile, and feel loved, Mother, that was the one thing I always remember. You and Thor, were good to me, and I love you so much,” Loki said, and smiled softly when his Mother spoke more complimentary words to him.

He nodded his head, and sipped his wine, then sighed softly when she spoke her next words. “I know that I was a very emotional child, and even now, my emotions are strong. But you never once scolded me for that. I loved how you always supported me, and let me be myself. Yes, that one was thing I was very honest about that, but you never begrudged me my own opinions,” he answered her, and did not even flinch when she spoke the words, ‘honest about those things’.

Loki was the liesmith, but his Mother always knew when he was doing so, for he never dared to lie to her, not once. Being his mother, and so wise and all knowing, she could tell right away when he was not being honest. He loved her for that, and so he did his best never to lie to her.

“I love how we are sharing our feelings now, Mother, this is also helping me to feel better. Us just talking things out, and becoming closer, that is what I love about being with you. We can be open and honest and speak our minds together,” he told her, as he reached for her hand and grasped it in his own for a moment. He was his Mother’s son, and would never deny that, he was proud of it, for he loved her so much, and he knew she loved and cared for him just as much.

"I will never stop you from speaking your mind. Sometimes the words that silenced are the words that could do the most good." She could not help but think to the events that led up to his fall from the bifrost. She had been told of the times, from odin, where he had silenced Loki when he tried to say something regarding Thor. What would have happened if Odin was silent for a moment and took what his children had to say? What would have happened if Odin had thought with his brain and not his mouth. 

"Then talk more we shall. I enjoy walking down memory lane, the joys of our past and the hopes of the future. Looking on the positive does not erase the negative but it can make it seem better. And better is something that I want for you. Better than all that has happened to you in the past." She smiled gently and looked at him gently taking his had. "I want all the best for you, always."